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INDUFLEX is manufacturer of high-quality hose assemblies for the chemical, pharmaceutical, food industry, plant and machine construction as well as for many other industrial sectors. We are established north of Hamburg. Our team of specialists to advise prospects and customers about the appropriate use of stainless steel corrugated hoses, AQUAFLEX drinking water hoses, rubber-spiral, rubber industry and PTFE hoses, all as heatable hose lines available, and PTFE expansion joints, rubber expansion joints and metal compensators. Customers and prospective customers receive the best advice, completely independent of manufacturers, but connected in close partnership with Quality Brand producers.

 INSTRUCTION MANUAL for hose assemblies are under "Information / Technical Manuals" and download  free of cost.


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Sales and Distribution

INDUFLEX is your reliable partner for hoses, valves and expansion joints more than 40 years. We have collected a lot of experience to solve problems. It sometimes means standard solutions, but often custom-made. Therefore, our products cannot be distributed over Internet shops. We provide you with individual advice and product-related and physical knowledge "in depth". A wrong designed pressurised line can cause serious accidents and the distributor bring in liability.

Our team looks forward to your problem.

Individual Solutions

In addition to the typical products of the categories hoses, fittings and accessories, we offer a high quality service for individualisation. We accompany you from consulting to hints for the installation of the products. Explore a special solution, which shows you the flexibility of our production.


Apprenticeship and further education

INDUFLEX forms its employees continuously. Standards and regulations are constantly changing, especially in conjunction with the EU-Standards. (For example, materials in contact with food) By qualifying its own trainees and the branch young, we preserve our high consulting standards.

INDUFLEX is asked professionally when creating new rules and norms and implements them with.

INDUFLEX has specialist training for consultants significantly helped shape. These consultants for hoses and fittings are honoured by industrial customers more and more.