Plastic Hoses

Hoses made of different plastics: PFA, PVC, PET, PVDF, PUR, Polyamide, PTFE

smooth meter-ware (also named "Spaghetti"-hoses in mini-diameters) or waved, with profile,

with and without vacuum-spiral.

Metal Hoses made of stainless steel

Our production of Stainless Steel Hose Assemblies "ready for use" is shown below: 

(Also availiable by the meter)

Rubber Hoses

The materials used are selected elastomers and innovative compound materials, with the most diversed properties. Rubber Hoses are manufactured with and without spirales for suction and pressure or for pressure proposes only, in accordance with DIN or EN as well BS and US standards.

For further informations and of our extensive range of Rubber Hoses please call us +49 4193 8821040