Expansion Joints (Compensators)

The expansion joint range

Compensators are supplied by us ready for installation. They offer excellent operational safety and maximum service life. We stock different types of high pressure rubber compensators for diverse applications, including for heating systems.

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Rubber Compensators

Our standard type I with fixed lenghts, flat waved, highly flexibel. Made in Germany.

Also deliverable as type II in very short lengths, extremely flexibel.

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Metal Expansion Joints (Compensators)

Depending on the application, we can equip the compensators with longitudinal limiters and ball and socket joint restraints or with guide and protection tubes.

Otherwise also with welding ends or threaded deliverable.

Textile / Fabric Expansion Joints (Compensators)

PTFE-Expansion Joints / Compensators

Designed for extreme operating conditions.

Our standards are designed with 3 or 5 waves and defined fixed lengths. Call us to learn more. +49 4193 88821040.