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Specialists in flexible hoses, hose-fittings and compensators

Operators, production engineers and purchasers are often confronted with the problem of establishing efficient, flexible connections between tanks, piping, pumps and other filling stations.

Construction engineers and producers of chemicals, pharmaceuticals, filling systems and tank and pipeline constructions are confronted with problems of where and how to install industrial hoses, hoses for acids and bases, food and beverage hoses, stainless steel hoses or expansion joints so that they work properly.

The experts at INDUFLEX are now in great demand.

You can consult with trusted INDUFLEX specialists to receive target-oriented solutions to your problems.

Operators and construction engineers are usually confronted with questions such as:

-          How do I specify working conditions?

  What kind of appliance, working pressure or vacuum exhaust do I need?

  What is the average working temperature and ambient temperature?

  How can I assemble the hose in an optimal way?

-          What kind of hose fittings do I want and which connection/adaptor is mounted already at the tank, pump or pipeline?

-          Which engineering standards and regulations have to be considered?

  Must it be laid in an explosion-proof zone?

  Must it comply with drug and food regulations?

  Does the hose unit fulfil the PED (Directive 97/23/EC Pressure Equipment)

  and “Rules for General Plant Safety”?

-          What kind of material is the best solution for specific hose/compensator assembly?

  Rubber ( there are many possible compositions)? Metal? Fabric? Plastic?

Feel free to contact us; we are a trusted and accredited specialist firm.

“Hose assembly” and “Expansion Joint” are not products that can simply be bought online - there you will find no specific solutions, but instead products likely to have a short lifespan.

Experts in hoses, fittings and classic problems in the application of compensators can help you – find them here: